A nation without culture..?!

In the UAE you will find a mix of OLD and NEW when it comes to “culture & lifestyle”.

As initially stated, the Bedouins did not wake up on an oil well – it all started with pearl diving, handcraft and falconry.

..embark on a story of authentic culture and heritage..
(by Tourism Culture Authority AD)

To get a better overview of the UAE’s past you should either visit:

 Jahili Fort in Al Ain001_08.10.14_Al Ain (11).JPG


Qasr Al Hosn in Abu Dhabi

..both showcase the national roots at its best..

Nowadays Abu Dhabi Tourism Cultural Authority, Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation and NYU Arts Center provide a vast number of cultural events and exhibitions – so, YES there is def. a lot of “culture” going on here 🙂

“While preserving the past, this is a place which shapes the future”
(by Tourism Culture Authority AD)

PS: my favorite “traditional” event is the Qasr Al Hosn Festival – check it out!



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