Dubai’s hottest spots

Hellloooooo my dear readers

I still owe you an update on the newest and hottest spots in DUBAI.

There you go:


An absolutely enchanting, dreamy place. The colors, the ambiance, the Arabian patterns.. one “wow” after the other.. The food is delicious. I enjoyed the fresh bread along with the creamy hummus and a cool homemade lemonade.
The highlight: camel milk ice cream.

It is def. worth a visit!


The whole village which surrounds this lovely place is equally worth a stroll.
Cute, narrow streets.. coffee shops.. art houses.. and my FAV Arabic touch 🙂


The perfect new world – an incredible mix of a “laid-back, sunny beach-day” and the “glamorous after work eve”.

La Mer has it all: Leisure, Dining, Hospitality, Living…


It is a twist of Miami and LA – colorful, wild, active, lively, happy etc.

The beach front is amaaaazinnngggg and the ice cream variety even better!

It is not only a daylight destination but also an evening highlight.

Delicious restaurants, alc-free bars, coffee shops, artistic corners and an incredible vibe.


Strolling around with your besties, enjoying the amazing weather and just soaking up the HAPPINESS. All you need, all I want.



The newest SPOT in the city.
Another architectural masterpiece in the middle of the vibrant city of Dubai.

The entrance fee is AED 60.- and via fancy ThyssenKrupp Elevator you make your way up to the 150m high platform.
The feeling of reaching the top is incredible but the walk over to the other side of the frame is INSANE.

I must admit – tough one.

The frame is stunning – inside out.

The view: absolutely fascinating.
One is able to see the “old” as well as the “new” Dubai. On the very top you are able to take some pictures, get some drinks and snacks and stay as long as you want.

Thank you Dubai for another masterpiece 🙂



A once in a lifetime dining experience.
Up in the sky – a table suspended by a crane at 50m height.. just you and your loved ones indulging in the incredible city vibe and luxurious, tasty food.


The best slot is the one in the afternoon since you will be able to witness not only the daylight beauty of this marvellous city but also the shiny, glitter night vibe.


Funny enough – I am afraid of heights but somehow this one was doable.. Nevertheless: hold your cutlery tight else it might hit a beach club visitor down there..


While some are barely able to move (sh!ttin-in-pants-licious) others even play with the chair.. yap – one is able to adjust the seat like in the airplane and enjoy a “laid-back” view over the city… not my style tho.



THE show of the shows. An unforgettable, crazy water show in the Al Habtoor City Complex.

This show represents DUBAI at its best:
wild, crazy, making the impossible possible, loud, wet, hot, fun, brave, creative, inspiring, GREAT, stunning and full of LOVE.


We loved it – all the way through.. breathtaking and memorable. There are things which you only get to feel once. 🙂

Looking forward to sharing more of my personal favs over here…

stay tuned!


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