Roadtrippin – Oman

Hey dear readers..

it has been a while but here we go:

Roadtrippin’ through OMAN
(one of my fav countries in the Middle East)

My fav travel buddy and I are used to tight schedules and still manage to get the full relaxation out of those few days.. but we are aware that this is not everyone’s travel style.
We did this round trip within 4 nights. Yes. 4.
Despite the tight schedule, his “complicated” mum and the Arab-style system, we were able to fill our hearts and souls with so many beautiful memories, impressions and love.

We started off in AL AIN (still UAE – known as “the Garden City”) where we visited the green oasis, the ancient fort and spotted some camels along the way.

Our next stop (after 4h drive) was: JEBEL SHAMS.

Jebel Shams is Oman’s highest mountain and known as the “Arabic grand canyon”. The road up the mountain is quite rocky but we managed to do it with our cheap rental car (Toyota) and did not require a 4×4.
The landscape is rather dry but the air up there is soooo fresh. We loved it.

002_08.-09.10.14_Jabel Shams (12)

Once we arrived and enjoyed the views, it was already sunset-time.
A lovely colorful play.
After enjoying this moment, we checked in at the Jebel Shams Resort.

We booked a bungalow with mountain-views.
Actually this “resort” is not a classic “luxurious resort” but a rather urban, local thing.
It had all we needed and we enjoyed the stay a lot.
Dinner as well as breakfast was included in the rate: a vast buffet variation in a dining room nearby the bungalows.

Good morning!

Obviously I got up to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.. and loved the colors and the peace up there.
Another BIG PRO on the list: the resorts’ towels were PINK 🙂 hehe! They know how to convince the princess of their service.. well done!

Prior check-out we hiked a bit through the bordering areas and met some goats. Yes, free-roaming goats.

002_08.-09.10.14_Jabel Shams (44)


After walking a little further we finally found THE PLACE TO BE and THE VIEW TO APPRECIATE.
The Omani Grand Canyon.


Steep, rocky, astonishing, big, impressive and breathtaking.

002_08.-09.10.14_Jabel Shams (59).JPG

After inhaling and exhaling a few times, appreciating the moment – we drove down the mountain, crossed the Oman for 6h more or less in the direction of the coast and paused in SUR.

The Omani landscape is comparable to the Portuguese landscape in the sense that while driving just a few hours – you are able to spot a constant transition within the flora and fauna. Such a huge diversity on a rather small piece of land.
People’s warm-heartedness and kindness, despite of the language barrier, are also comparable to my Portuguese fellows.
Good-hearted, supportive and lovely people.
While writing this blog post I realized how hard it is to describe what I feel for Oman..

It is somehow indescribable. You really got to check it by yourself.

After a rather intense drive (yes, my partner in crime drove all the way – thank you once again! I should not have taken this for granted.. Sorry.), we finally arrived in SUR – a lovely little fisherman’s village.

003_09.10.14_Küste Nähe Sur (7)

The sea view was amazing but unfortunately the shore was insanely polluted. It is a pity – why do we humans spread our garbage everywhere we go? Why do we even produce that much garbage? A really sad picture.

004_09.-10.10.14_Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve (18)

We drove a lil further and tested the water: lil chilly but nice.

Our next stop: RAS AL JINZ.

004_09.-10.10.14_Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve (2)

Ras al Jinz “is world renown for the nesting of the endangered green turtle (Cheloniamydas), probably the most important nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean” (quote).

I was soooo looking forward to this place. I knew that we would be able to spot some turtles and hatching baby turtles. BABIES. 🙂

After our arrival, we checked-in and took a lil nap.
Arabic dinner was served – d e l i c i o u s.
After dinner we met for the first turtle-tour. Jupiiii.

004_09.-10.10.14_Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve (43)

We walked to the beach to spot the nesting XXL Mami-turtles. Wow.
This was crazy… they seem to be slow but in fact they press out around 90 eggs within a few seconds. C r a z y.
We waited and appreciated this natural spectacle.
@parents: Great that you want to share those moments with your little ones but kindly inform them that those natural beauties are so special and it is crucial to keep silence and to behave properly.

With a heart full of gratitude, we finally went to bed.
(Actually else happened prior – his mum managed to get the car keys locked into the car trunk.. which turned into a huge drama.. haha but I will not elaborate this further.)

004_09.-10.10.14_Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve (53).JPG

Meeting point for the second turtle tour.
His mum was not in the mood reason why we went on our own.
We went to the same area but that morning we were able to witness the actual hatching procedure.
So those baby turtles did their best to make their way out of the eggshell – and once they got this – they started running towards the sea.
Such little babies but so strong and capable of living.
Sad news: Out of those 90 baby turtles only 20 survive – the rest will be killed by the natural predators (crabs, seagulls, etc.).

So there we were – sitting on the beach, watching sunset and the first steps of this little creatures.
One of the “cutest” bullet item of my bucket list.

We proceeded with our roadtrip: next stop: WADI SHAB.

Oman is quite known for its natural Wadis. Wadi is the Arabic term for “valley” – in fact Wadis are rather “natural pools”.

There are soooo many of them and we chose the one of our way to Muscat.

A beautiful natural spot.
A bit too crowded.. but the further you climb into the Wadi the nicer it gets. Less crowded, peaceful and empty.
We recommend sturdy shoes so that you are able to climb even higher – be cautious (and adventurous) at all times.

006_10.10.14_Wadi Shab (39)


We enjoyed our time over here.. soaked those sunrays up and discovered this special place.
Afterwards we drove on to the capital: MUSCAT.

By the time we reached the city, it was already 21h – so we grabbed a quick bite at a local restaurant and went to our hotel.
From the outside this place looked rather dodgy but actually it was very cosy and welcoming from the inside.

We visited the famous souq, one of the palaces, the mosque and walked on the boardwalk.


In general you can walk around Oman just as you like. Of course you should always respect local traditions, reason why I opted for rather “long” clothing.
For the mosque you should cover your hair and shoulders (just like in any other mosque).

2016 I went to Muscat with 2 friends of mine and we LOVED this shisha bar/garden.. unfortunately I cannot recall the name. I just remember it was  a m a z i n g.

Traditional, outside comfy seating and lovely staff. A must-do.



We loved this trip.

008_11.10 (73).JPG
On our way back we slept one last night in Ajman (4h drive from Muscat) and enjoyed the luxurious treat.


A delicious dinner under the sky, a xxl comfy bed and a delicious breakfast treat.
We enjoyed the sunbeds and then we drove back to Abu Dhabi (incl. a quick stop-over in Dubai).

All good things come to an end. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the read and stay tuned for further INSIGHTS BY JENNYLICIOUS.




Fav Abu Dhabi spots

..Hey there..

long time no read!
Hope you are still up for more UAE insights 🙂

Today I´ll drop my FAV Abu Dhabi spots:

Top of the top: Pearls & Caviar @ Shangri-La 


yes.. unfortunately it is closed.. but wow.. i had the BEST nights with my crew over there.. insane views over the water towards the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the freshest breeze, the best tunes by my amazing friend Dj Kaboo and the most stunning moon light.
It makes me so sad knowing that this incredible place closed its doors and you guys will not have the chance to experience those memorable nights over there.
Writing this brief excerpt in honor of my fav place.

Same applause goes to my other hero: Eight @ Souq Al-Beri 


Top 6: Iris @ Yas Marina on Yas Island 

A beautiful outside seating, some stressed waiters, stunning views to the Yas Viceroy Hotel & the greatest 80s/90s parties.

We had some really cool nights over here.
The ride (45min from AD) is absolutely worth it – if you mingle with the right people and get the right tunes.

Top 5: Up & Below @ Courtyard by Marriott

Located in the famous World Trade Center, part of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, one has the chance to oversee the whole beautiful city of Abu Dhabi.

They just opened up their doors and I IMMEDIATELY took the chance to celebrate my 24th Bday over there. Amazing night, special souls and one of the highlights: my MUM – came all the way from Portugal to celebrate this important night with me.
It is a beautiful spot with comfy outdoor seating, fresh drinks, attractive happy hour and delicious snacks. Worth a visit.


Top 4: Bu! @ WTC 

Another “hidden gem” on top of the WTC.


Delicious south American food, great and modern urban gardening seating, pricey drinks but an incredible Latin ambiance.
Came here to celebrate my 25th birthday and left incredibly happy.


Top 3: Relax 12 @ Aloft

One of the most special dance nights in Abu Dhabi! I had the happiest dance nights def. over here. Wow. Huge outdoor space, okish food & drinks and the view: i n c r e d i b l e.

clubbin aloft (1)
One looks right over to the 18° inclined Capital Gate Tower and is fascinated ONCE AGAIN about the beauty of this cosmopolitan city.


Top 2: Asia de Cuba @ St. Regis Corniche

A m a z i n g.

Asia de Cuba (3)
If you want to be close to the sea, smell the fresh ocean breeze, indulge in some Asian delicacies, dance to some Latino vibes – then this is the right place to be.
I heard Dj have changed throughout the years reason why I am not too sure if it remains as cool as it used to be “back in the days”.
I just truly enjoyed myself each and everytime we came here…


Top 1: Beach House @ Park Hyatt Saadiyat Abu Dhabi

My personal highlight.. Countless times we came here after our full-beach day.
The one and only: HUGO in town.

THE place for the typical, magical beach sunset. Some chillout music.. yummy tapas and the incredible ocean views.
The right place to unwind, to be grateful for the given and to celebrate life.


Another place I feel like mentioning is: Cabana Beach Bar & Grill @ St. Regis Corniche 

My better half and I came here for a pool day incl. a lunch break and once I even organized a romantic wedding proposal for a friend of mine. Other than that – I have never really treasured this place.

Until the day I was looking for THE spot for my grand farewell party.
I came and spoke to them about my idea and they made the impossible possible.

I got my own table set up right in front of the ocean; due to the weather conditions in December (yes – it gets pretty chilly) – they even got me some heating mantle and blankets for my dearest friends.
They served delicious food, a lovely farewell cake and literally made my night.
That night I knew exactly why I stayed in Abu Dhabi for 3 years:
It is beyond words what this city puts up and stands for.
An absolute grateful me left this beautiful city with a heart full of love.




Whenever you have the chance to widen your horizon – do it 🙂

Distance: less than 1h by plane (AUH-BH))
Ideal stay: weekend trip
Temperature: depending on season, between 20ºC and 42ºC

My fav travel partner and I took a flight on Thursday evening and 40 min later we arrived in Bahrain. As usual we got our rental car right at the airport and drove to our Hotel – Sheraton Bahrain Hotel.


..lets start his LOVEly weekend..

Bahrain is well-known for its Formula 1 track in the south of the island and among the “drinkers” for the party place to be within the Middle East.

At around 10ish we woke up; went for breakfast in our VIP Lounge (since we got a room upgrade) and made our route for the day.
As you know: we share our “travel-job” – I am in charge of the overall To-Do of the particular city and he is in charge of the perfect route plan.


Our first stop:

The bridge which connects Bahrain and Saudi-Arabia. Probably the closest I will ever get to this rather “special” country.

To be very honest – the atmosphere over here was quite strange and paradox.
Saudi is known for strict rules, misogynistic conduct, anti alcohol consumption and restricted entry requirements.
Having said this, it is absolutely weird to see all those Saudi cars stuck in traffic on a friday on the bridge in order to enjoy a casual weekend in Bahrain.


..hello barb wire fence.. 

Even if we do not agree with the regulations over there – we are grateful for all experiences and impressions we gather. to our next stop..

We made our way through some abandoned villages and actually saw some of the so-called “burning tires”.
Shocking truth: those living conditions vs. European standard.
One more reason why we should always be grateful for what we have 🙂


Another 10km and we reached the famous Formula One track. Somehow “abandoned”, too.


We did our own tour; checked the souvenir shop and took some pictures. We got to admit that since we have the nicest Formula One track back home in Abu Dhabi – we were not too impressed over here.


On our way to the next official spot of our To-Do list, we spotted a nice shore and the open sea. As true sea lovers we HAD to stop over here and enjoy the moment.
1min & we we both walked barefoot in the water.. we enjoyed ourselves (#qualitytime), spotted thousand mini-mussels and discussed our upcoming life-plans.


..tu e eu..

After 45min we finally reached the famous – TREE OF LIFE.

This tree, located in the middle of the desert, is 400y old, almost 10m high and has green leafs. Green leafs? In the desert? Without rain? How is this possible? No one has a answer to this good question.


Since this is a touristic spot, too we were expecting way more people over there. Thankfully we had to share those views with 5 others – easy one.
Shared some LOVE with that fascinating tree and then we spotted another thing:


An oil-pump 😀 HaHa
Like in those movies.. a real oil-pump –  fascinated by this machine – we took some pictures, got excited and laughed hard. Us being us.

To-Dos for today: done.

We drove back to the city, enjoyed a snack in our VIP-lounge (gratis gratis), went to the gym and took a nap.

For dinner we went to a lovely, brazilian, meat-place and enjoyed an all-u-can-eat treat.
After our yummy dinner we enjoyed a romantic stroll through Reef Island.


The highlight of the evening was an Asian spot which a friend of ours recommended: Bushido.
No, the German Rapper does not own this spot 😉

We sat outside – yes, in April – because weather over here is just amazing. A thin cardigan is more than enough!


So many impressions, good laughter, great pictures, stories to tell, memories – time to sleep and get some energy for tomorrows action-day: last day in Bahrain.


..that elevator selfie..

Two grateful hearts went to sleep 🙂

Day 2

We took it pretty easy.. woke up.. went to the lounge.. had breakfast.. relaxed in our room.. I waited for him to finish some work stuff and then we went to explore the city centre.

We embraced the SOUQ-feeling. The REAL Souq-feeling not the “wannabe-Gold-Souq” in Dubai for eg..

He loves those sunflower seeds – and obviously he would never buy them w/o pre-tasting.
We walked through those narrow lanes, explored every corner and ended up at the Alfateh Grand Mosque.


The mosque was quite impressive – as usual – but I somehow got tired of those visits. Not because of the religion, nor location, etc.etc. but because I always gotta get the abaya although I am already wearing a long sleeve / long trousers.
With all due respect – but me being me – is an essential need.


After this impressive visit, we went to the National Museum and spotted the dhow-builders.


The whole Middle East has a pretty similar development history:
They came all the way from desert living, fishing, pearl-diving, handcrafting etc. over to the oil-boom which then led to economical setup & stabilization.
Great to be part of this whole process and able to witness this “live”. 🙂

IMG_7104..tanned & happy..

We love to check on old traditions – the real thing – the roots to all the new, modern, fancy structure.
We drove along the shore and found some traditional houses.
We stopped and entered..
It turned out – that those were not “public” but absolutely private houses.


Thankfully I am who I am – open-minded, kind, bold and cheeky – which is quite often a “door-opener” (literally in this case!).
Being blonde and having some arabic skills is indeed advantageous 😉

So there we were.. the locals showed us how to open oysters and how to spot pearls.. Wow! Absolutely cool and unique!

They offered some tea & biscuits – and showed us the greatest views towards the city of Bahrain.

Living for those moments! Spontaneously in the right place at the right time! 🙂


We left with another great experience in our bag!

The next & last To-Do spot: Qal’at al-Bahrain.

We played our princess & invader game – like in good old days.. laughed loads.. imagined magical stories and created memories which will last forever.


In order to round this weekend-trip off – we went for dinner on Amwaj Island.

We ordererd Arabic mezze; he enjoyed a well-deserved shisha (he had to handle me & my untamed hunger) and the aim was to finish our bahraini dinar.


In the end the whole order took ages and our timeframe to get the plane back to Abu Dhabi got smaller and smaller.
Thankfully I am the “cool”-one in our relationship when it comes to flights, schedule, etc. – therefore I tried my best to calm him down. We paid and drove to the airport.
We made it on time – obviously – & left this lovely place with another checked-ToVisit-Box 🙂

Breakfast spots TOP 5

yummy in my tummy…
Mhh…there is nothing better than a yummy breakfast on the weekend.
Yes, sure we have breakfast every day but we kind of cherish and celebrate it on the weekend.
Sleeping in is set to be the first weekend goal and the second is surely to have a good, nourishing breakfast. Treat yourself more often!

Below you will find my TOP 5 Breakfast spots in Abu Dhabi:


Shakespeare & Co. 

Shakespeare is a franchised company with almost 10 branches around Abu Dhabi.
Its old-fashioned furniture beams you back to the 18th century. It is known for its delicious breakfast combos and fair prices!

My favourite brekkie is the “Healthy” one which contains: Egg white omelette with herbs, roast potatoes and asparagus, fresh fruit salad, natural yoghurt, brown toast and honey, grapefruit juice and latte macchiato.
This whole package at AED 58 only.
BTW: My fav branch is the one on Saadiyat Island with a lovely outside seating in a hidden courtyard within the St. Regis Residences complex.
Third Place Café

Third place is a small but very cute spot located on the Corniche. It’s not only a great breakfast spot but also a place where you can hang out, relax, read a book, do your work or simply enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Once you are here you have to try the smoothies! Simply delicious.
Actually I just realized that I always had those late, late breakfasts there – which kindly slip into a “lunch”. Therefore I suggest the Goats Cheese & Spinach salad. Delicious.At this spot you will also be able to sit outside and enjoy the Abu Dhabi breeze (if not during the hot summer months ;)).

Al-Ulya made its way straight into my heart once it opened its doors almost 2 years ago.
I still remember that I somehow spotted it somewhere on social media; but then they still did not have a food & drinking license since they were just arriving from Portugal.
Al-Ulya means “Loule” in Portuguese and is a town located in the south of Portugal with strong Arabic roots.
Kind as Portuguese always are – they opened their doors to give us a taste of Portugal and to check the future customers feedback. Obviously those treats were handed out for free – Kindness 🙂
It quickly became my second home – simply because it has all the delicious Portuguese dishes combined with the lovely Portuguese owners, completed by the Portuguese music as well as interior. From “pao com manteiga” (Bread with butter), “meia de leite” (Latte macchiato) over to “Natas” (custard tartlet) – you will get anything you would crave for.

Even if the seating is only inside; this spot is definitely worth visiting.

Byparkers is a fairly new spot located in the old Mushrif park (Umm Al Emarat Park). Lovely outside seating facing the greenery; and even if the weather does not allow you will not be disappointed by the creative interior.

This spot has so much modernism and still sticks to good ol’ quality food.
The menu is quite “Organic” and so delicious.
I loved the poached eggs with avocado crème on a baked sweet potato. Further I ordered a fresh orange juice which includes free refill. To compliment my brekkie I ordered the banoffee pancakes. OH MY GOODNESS: amazing. Absolutely fantastic. Loved it.
IMG_4510Unfortunately the portions (eggs, tacos, etc.) are not too big therefore you better order another main dish ;)Overall a great spot with lovely, dedicated and knowledgeable staff!

South African franchise Tasha’s is my personal number one! I just love everything about it… from the lovely location in Al Bateen Marina; the outside seating arrangement with the view; the stunning interior; the attentive staff and the delicious food.
I have to admit – once I am here I ALWAYS order the same. But I can’t help myself… I just love it! And whats so special about it: it is consistently good… Which is quite special for Abu Dhabi – where you sometimes get your dessert with or without cream although you did not change anything upon ordering… Sounds familiar?
I simply love the layered yoghurt with home-made granola and all kind of citrus fruits. Oh… I urgently need to satisfy my palate.
Of course other dishes are delicious, too. But definitely give my favourite a try…Well… certainly there are many other spots in our beautiful town – yet the above ones are my personal TOP 5 🙂

Give those a try as well…

PS: If you are into trying a hotel breakfast buffet I highly recommend the one at Rosewater in Jumeirah Etihad Towers…

Al Ain

Al Ain is the “garden city” which is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and has quite a lot to offer.
Distance: 90min drive from Abu Dhabi
Ideal stay: either day trip or weekend getaway
Temperature: similar to Abu Dhabi
Since Al Ain is a kind of neighbouring city to Abu Dhabi I had the pleasure to visit it quite a few times. Each time I was lucky to see something I had not seen before.
It all starts with the amazing views while road-tripping all the way to the green city.
. is daily business to encounter camels or sheep which are tied on the old-school Toyota pick-ups..
First stop: Al Ain Oasis
The Al Ain Oasis is the largest oasis and was crowned as a UNESCO world heritage site.
It is def. the perfect getaway from the turbulent, hectic city vibes since here you hear – correct – nothing.
Calm, shady and silent – just you and nature (ok – and some tourists from time to time).
..stroll around and get lost in the walkaways..
Historical: Al Jahili Fort
The Al Jahili Fort is one of the most historic buildings which originally served to protect the palm groves and defend the city.
001_08.10.14_Al Ain (11)
Nowadays it is an active visitors destination due to its information centre and diverse exhibition area.
Check TCAs website to get the latest updates on exhibitions and events.
It is open daily from 09h00 to 17h00 (except Mondays). Enjoy!
Ancient: National Museum
The Al Ain National Museum is the oldest museum in the UAE.
It shows the full history from the stone age through to the recent foundation of the UAE (Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was born here).
The fort is a well-preserved mudbrick structure which is divided into three main sections: ethnography, archaeology and souvenirs.
Yes, contrary to popular belief: there is a huge historical background to be seen! See for yourself.
. usual cultural sights are free of charge in the UAE..
Dribbling: Camel Market
This traditional (one of the last of its kind) Camel Market delivers the real experience on how it was in former days.
“Livestock” feeling in the middle of the desert – they are not only bargaining with camels but also goats, sheep and chicken.
The camel owners tend to be slightly pushy and intrusive but don`t worry: just a have a look around on your own without tipping them whenever you take a picture with the camels.
Try to look for the BABY camels 🙂 They are def. the CUTEST ❤
High: Jebel Hafeet
With its 1240m height – Jebel Hafeet is the highest peak in the UAE and among the the worlds greatest driving roads.
Once you (finally) reach the top by either car or bike you will be rewarded with incredibly stunning views.
(Un)Fortunately there is (only) one hotel (Mercure Al Ain) which will be able to satisy your thirst.
Service and seating falls in the 3* hotel category but gets clearly outvoted by the magnificent surrounding vistas.
Underwater: Wadi Adventure
At the foot of Jebel Hafeet you come upon the region’s first man-made kayaking, surf and white water rafting facility: Wadi Adventure.
The almost 3m high man-made surf wave is (obviously) the world largest! Be brave. Be you.
Wadi Adventure was quite “wild” for me but is for worth a day trip for families.
Caution: at first sight the entrance fee seems quite low – but in fact all activities get charged separately – so in the end you still end up paying quite a high amount (surcharges for locker; rafting; high rope course etc.).
Also I have noticed that staff near the rafting site are not appropriately trained as they are not able to handle “dangerous” situations.
Yet the flying fox was AMAZING!

Animal-ly: Al Ain Zoo
Although I am not a big fan of keeping wild animals in locked cages; I have to admit that Al Ain Zoo leads by example.
All animals have spacious compounds and look quite healthy.
Al Ain Zoo is home to 4000 animals and provides plenty of green public spaces and kids activities.
If you get the chance: Visit the new Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre – I heard it is quite good but unfortunately you can only access it in combination with the Zoo ticket.
As you can see from the pictures: quite beautiful and yet different from bustling Abu Dhabi.
Hotel-wise I would recommend the Al Ain Rotana or the brand new Aloft.
Whether you are looking for a quick renewal of body and soul or some activities outside of the capital – Al Ain will satisfy either way.


Dubai – more to see, eat, drink & do post is not enough!

In my previous post I elaborated “the perfect day trip to Dubai”. Obviously this city has so much more to offer so one day only is almost not enough.. In the following post I will just quickly enumerate some more attractions, actions and dining experiences to round off your Dubai experience. These are just “elements” which you can incorporate into your personal plan according to your interests, budget and time frame.


Bar Level 43 @ Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed


Dubai Miracle Garden


Global Village


Chillout Dubai


Souq Madinat Jumeirah


Sunsets @ Old Dubai


JBR Walk


Beachin’ @Kite Beach


Cruisin’ around


Skyscraper by night


Win Victory Love


Milkshake @ IceLab


City Walk Dubai

..and many many more! Go & explore!..

Boring sandpit or enchanting metropolis..?!

When it comes to “life in Abu Dhabi” people do often think we are surrounded by sand only; sit in a tent; sweat because of the unbearable heat and play with camels (if we, ladies, are even allowed to leave the tent! ;))..

..Near enough is not good enough..

Thanks to the “young” age of this city it got the chance to be shaped/created according to “our” needs!

This means we have received quite a few malls; big five star hotels with restaurants, bars and clubs; sports centers; beach clubs; gardens; museums; street coffee shops; view points; public event spaces; etc.etc. which was man made and we are also able to enjoy natural reserves; mangroves; great deserts and natural islands.

My TOP 5 activities:

..beach, beach, let’s go to the beach..
Saadiyat Public Beach; Yas Beach; Corniche Family Beach

..let the sun go down..
beautiful sunsets @ Eastern Mangroves Promenade

..seduce your palate..
yummy surf & turf @ Turquoiz

..good friend and a glass of Hugo..
Beach House the night away..
follow City Vibes and take your crew with you