Boring sandpit or enchanting metropolis..?!

When it comes to “life in Abu Dhabi” people do often think we are surrounded by sand only; sit in a tent; sweat because of the unbearable heat and play with camels (if we, ladies, are even allowed to leave the tent! ;))..

..Near enough is not good enough..

Thanks to the “young” age of this city it got the chance to be shaped/created according to “our” needs!

This means we have received quite a few malls; big five star hotels with restaurants, bars and clubs; sports centers; beach clubs; gardens; museums; street coffee shops; view points; public event spaces; etc.etc. which was man made and we are also able to enjoy natural reserves; mangroves; great deserts and natural islands.

My TOP 5 activities:

..beach, beach, let’s go to the beach..
Saadiyat Public Beach; Yas Beach; Corniche Family Beach

..let the sun go down..
beautiful sunsets @ Eastern Mangroves Promenade

..seduce your palate..
yummy surf & turf @ Turquoiz

..good friend and a glass of Hugo..
Beach House the night away..
follow City Vibes and take your crew with you

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